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Strawberry Wand
Southampton Archery Club

Sunday 12 April 2020
Venue :  Hardmoor, Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh, SO509HT
Details :

Cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Anyone having already entered will receive a refund / confirmation of a destroyed cheque.

Echoing the medieval archery practice tradition, shooting a "wand" around 4-6 inches wide and 6 foot high at a respectable distance. Lots of fun.

Broomsticks will not be provided, it's not that kind of shoot.

Our Wands are 6 feet high and 4-6 inches wide and are danage foam fronted wood, your arrows will hit the wood (if you hit). Shooting 6 ends of 6 arrows, a hit is awarded 20 points, 1 point for a skimmer (landing in a rectangle 1yd x 2yds. Gents shoot at 100yds, Ladies 80yds, Juniors 60yds. Prizes are awarded for the winning gent, lady and junior for their bow type.

There may be a special closest to the strawberry prize on the day too.
Closing date : None Club Info :
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Please return this completed form to the event contact above.
 First Name  Surname M/F GNAS ID Snr or Age Bow
Club name 
Recurve = RC, Barebow (recurve) = BB, FlatBow (recurve) = FB, Longbow = LB,
Compound Unlimited = CU, Compound Limited = CL, Compound Barebow = CB
Eligibility : This competition is open to individuals affiliated to GNAS or a FITA member association. Please be prepared to produce proof of affiliation if requested.
Dress Code : As per GNAS rule 307. Generally footwear should enclose toes and front of foot. Indoor specifically : Footwear must be flat-soled and non-marking.
Drug Testing : Failure to provide a sample for drug testing if requested will be treated as a positive result. A parent or guardian must consent to their child being tested by signing their entry form and explain the implications of drug testing to their child.
Photography : Anyone wishing to take photographs must register with the event organiser on arrival at the venue.
Disclaimer : Neither the host club, nor the venue owners, their agents, representatives or staff will accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused to persons or property whilst attending this tournament. Entry to this event is considered acceptance of these.