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Note - clubs appear two or three times due to multiple locations (indoor, winter, summer etc.). Click on club name to go to a list of their events or the location to go to a map showing where it is.
[3 miles] AC Delco at Highbridge Farm
[3 miles] Talisman Bowmen at Brookfield Community School
[3 miles] Hampshire Archery Association at Fleming Park Leisure Centre
[3 miles] AC Delco at Flemming Park Leisure Centre
[4 miles] Southampton Archery Club at Hardmoor
[4 miles] AC Delco at Thornden School
[4 miles] Talisman Bowmen at Hunts Pond Recreation Ground
[5 miles] Talisman Bowmen at West Hill Park School
[6 miles] Merdon Bowmen at Dundridge
[6 miles] Waterside Archers at Gang Warily Recreation Centre
[7 miles] RN South Coast Archers at Fareham : HMS Collingwood
[8 miles] Hampshire Archery Association at Waterside Archers Ground
[8 miles] Waterside Archers at Summer range
[9 miles] Waterside Archers at Hounsdown School
[9 miles] Abbey Bowmen Herts at St Albans Girls School Sports Hall
[9 miles] RN South Coast Archers at H.M.S Sultan Polo Field
[9 miles] Gosport Bowmen at Bay Community Hub
[12 miles] Southsea A.C. at Southsea Castle
[12 miles] Wight Bowmen at IOW Table Tennis Center
[12 miles] Wight Bowmen at Smallbrook Speedway Stadium
[12 miles] Southsea A.C. at Pirory School
[13 miles] Southsea A.C. at Havelock CC
[13 miles] Portsdown Archery Club at Outdoor Range
[13 miles] Fort Purbrook Company of Bowmen at Peter Ashley Activity Centre
[14 miles] Overton Black Arrows at Outdoor Target Shooting Range
[14 miles] Alton & Four Marks Archers at Four Marks Recreation Ground
[14 miles] Forest of Bere Bowmen at FOBB Indoor
[15 miles] Forest of Bere Bowmen at FOBB Target Range
[15 miles] Sway Bowmen at North Common Lane
[16 miles] South Wilts Archry Club at Field Site
[16 miles] Raven Field Archers at Head Down Hanger
[17 miles] Andover Archers at Foxcotte Park
[17 miles] South Wilts Archry Club at Whiteparish
[17 miles] Bowmen of Petersfield at The Petersfield School
[18 miles] Overton Black Arrows at Field Course at The Warren
[20 miles] Old Basing Archers at The Hampshire Court Hotel
[20 miles] Old Basing Archers at Old Basing Recreation Ground
[21 miles] South Wilts Archry Club at Trefalgar School
[21 miles] Whitehill Archers at Whitehill outdoor field
[22 miles] South Wilts Archry Club at Tidworth Leisure Center
[23 miles] South Wilts Archry Club at Wyvern College
[24 miles] Tenzone Bowmen at The Wellington Academy
[27 miles] Bournemouth AC at Bournemouth Sports Club
[29 miles] Bracken COA at Cranborne Middle School (Outdoor)
[29 miles] Yateley Archers at Frogmore Community College and Potley Hill School
[30 miles] Harlequin Bowmen at AEA Sports Ground
[30 miles] Six Villages Archery Club at Six Villages Sports Centre
[30 miles] Bournemouth AC at Victoria School
[30 miles] Guildford Archery Club at Ash Manor Sports Centre
[31 miles] Bournemouth AC at Canford School
[33 miles] Guildford Archery Club at Manor Fruit Farm
[34 miles] Bowmen of Warfield at BOW Range
[36 miles] Lintman Archery Club at Lintman Outdoor Ground
[36 miles] Bowmen of Lytchett at Holton Lee
[37 miles] Guildford Archery Club at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex
[38 miles] Arundown Archery Club at Angmering School
[39 miles] The Fraternity of Saint George at Royal Windsor Deer Park
[40 miles] West Windsor Archers at Dedworth Middle School
[40 miles] Bowmen of Lytchett at Purbeck Sports Centre
[41 miles] Windsor Forest Bowmen at St Stephen\'s Field
[42 miles] Bucks Archery Association at Royal Grammar School
[43 miles] Woking Archery Club at Woking Archery Club
[46 miles] Brighton Bowmen at The Holbrook Club
[46 miles] Holbrook Archers at The Holbrook Club
[46 miles] Spelthorne Archers at Meadhurst Club
[48 miles] Hillingdon Archery Club at Brunel University Sports Hall
[52 miles] S.C.A.A. at K2 Centre
[52 miles] Bath Archers at Avon RFC
[52 miles] Bath Archers at Bath Archers Home Grounds
[55 miles] Osprey Archers at Weymouth Sports Centre
[58 miles] Brighton Bowmen at The Deans Leisure Centre
[58 miles] Osprey Archers at Target and Field
[58 miles] Cheltenham Archers at Oakleaf Field
[59 miles] Abbey Bowmen Herts at Loreto College Gym
[60 miles] Abbey Bowmen Herts at Verulam School Playing Fields
[71 miles] Kestrels Archery Club at Sandy Sports Centre
[71 miles] Aim4sport Archery Club at aim4sport
[72 miles] Kestrels Archery Club at Stratton School
[76 miles] Abbey Bowmen Essex at Harrow Lodge Sports Centre
[76 miles] Englands Medieval Festival at Herstmonceaux Castle
[79 miles] Wyre Forest CoA at The Civic
[79 miles] Wyre Forest CoA at Stourport High School
[81 miles] Wyre Forest CoA at Arley Sports and Social Club
[85 miles] Allington Castle Archers at Westborough Primary School
[86 miles] Allington Castle Archers at The Agricultural Hall
[93 miles] Braintree Bowmen at Blake House Craft Centre
[96 miles] Exmouth Archers at Exmouth Archery Club Outdoor
[100 miles] Braintree Bowmen at Gosfield School
[103 miles] Exeter Company of Archers at Exeter School playing fields
[112 miles] SCAS at Mill Road Sports Ground
[113 miles] Colchester at Mill Road Sports Ground
[127 miles] Assheton Bowmen at Tudor Lodge
[128 miles] Wakefield Archers at Pontefract Castle
[128 miles] Wakefield Archers at (Q.E.G.S) Northgate
[133 miles] Fakenham Bowmen at Fakenham Racecourse
[133 miles] Fakenham Bowmen at Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre
[141 miles] Bracken COA at Ringwod Waldorf School (Indoor)
[145 miles] Archers of Bridlington at Brandesburton Parish Hall
[151 miles] Archers of Bridlington at Burton Agnes Sports Field
[185 miles] Redruth Archers at Summer Field
[187 miles] Redruth Archers at Poole Academy
[187 miles] Archers of the West at Pool Academy Sports Hall
[190 miles] Bowmen of Backworth at Backworth primary school
[190 miles] Bowmen of Backworth at Backworth Miner\'s Welfare
[193 miles] Archers of the West at Hayle Football Club
[194 miles] Bowmen of Backworth at The Blythe Academy
[196 miles] Mounts Bay Archery Club at Marazion Community Centre
[200 miles] Mounts Bay Archery Club at Humphry Davy School